Monday, August 1, 2011

The Glee Project - Whit's Rundown

Follow TroutyMouthBlog on Twitter I know that a lot of people do not like "The Glee Project" which is fine and completely understandable. I love reality shows so I mean that is one reason I'm addicted. Other reasons are because of celebrity appearances and due to the fact one of these people are going to be on my all-time favorite I have to brace myself for that moment. I'm absolutely in love with everyone that is there now and having noobs come in..I just need to be prepared. And the absolute main reason I have to keep watching this show: Zach Woodlee.

And if you haven't watched the most recent episode yet, then spoilers lie ahead.

With that said, let's go through who we have left and what we're working with here:


Diva. Great voice and range. Gotta go though. When Kurt graduates, they will probably want to fill that void with a new gay guy. While I can definitely see Alex in some serious diva offs with Mercedes I just do not feel like he's the right choice for Glee or the gay male lead. I feel like he does the same thing every week. Same diva routine, same attitude that he's better than everyone..I'm just over it. Next please...


Cute, awkward nerd. Bonus: Irish accent. Exactly what I'm looking for…in a husband. Damian was one of my choices for the winner at first however I think he's starting to fall short for Ryan. He was supposed to go home rather than Cameron so I feel that next week Damian will really need to step up his singing and acting game. If he wants to go on and be able to handle the show, he's going to have to start being more like the leading man. I'm still holding out for him to at least be in the final three.

MC Hannah. Probably my most favorite thing that she has ever said. I adore this girl. I think she is a good singer, actress and is HILARIOUS. So funny. Sometimes she seems to struggle in the studio or with dancing but she is really dedicated and tries her hardest which I love. She takes direction well and is willing to do what the mentors want. And this doesn't have anything to do with her character but her crush on Damian is adooooooorable! Love it. Anyways, Hannah is one of my choices for who I want to win this show. She seems like she would really mesh well with the cast.

Least to Alex. She just seems cocky. At first, I was like oh man..your voice is amazing! And then she started being mean to certain contestants and like overacting in every instance. She certainly has no problem with kissing people though, as she has shown us. I guess if she won she could definitely rock the bitch character. She's definitely good at trying to be in control but I haven't really seen much from her that is impressing me lately. I think it's probably time for her to go. Berets are out!

Hot, hot, hot. Just keepin' it real. I've really liked Samuel from the beginning due to his hotness. These past few weeks, he has done really well in the opening numbers and the videos. He's my other choice for the person to win on this show. His look seems to be something different compared to the others on Glee. And he kind of has this mysterious rocker thing going on that I am sexually attracted and feel it would make for an interesting character. I can't really remember but I don't think Samuel has had to sing for Ryan that's a good sign that he rules but I would love to see what Ryan has to say about him.

My final comment would be about the person who willingly left the show the other night: Cameron. He was my favorite for the longest time but the last few weeks have been rough for him...and me. I'm glad he wanted to stand up for what he believed in and did and that Ryan even respected it. And I am glad that he is now giving people a chance that really are dedicated to the show and doing what the want another chance. I'm still peeved though that he didn't realize until now that he wasn't willing to do what they wanted or do what it took to be on the show. I feel like he's robbed others that either tried out or were on the show and got voted off of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Amazing voice and delicious to look at though.

Well, that's all I have to say about that business. I hope everyone is making it through the hiatus and just remember the season 3 premiere draws nearer and nearer!

Later Gleeks,

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