Monday, August 8, 2011

Glee at the Teen Choice Awards

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Thanks to our friend Melanie, over in Germany, for guest blogging, and Glee-capping the TCA's for us!

I started with watching the Live stream of the red... well blue carpet, and I freaked out every time one of the Glee cast members arrived.

Chord was first followed by Jenna, Harry and Ashley. Darren arrived almost at the same time as Blake Lively. During his interview, she was in the background, and he told them that they should focus on her and not him :D. Silly Darren! Cory was the last one to arrive, and by that, I really mean last one on the blue Carpet.

After that the show started with an opening by Will.I.Am. Kaley Cuoco hosted and she did a really good job. Then, the awards started... I really wanted to see was what our cast won.

And then it was the time The Miz, Maggie Q, and John Cena came on the stage and started with there speech. I did not listen closely but they said something about Sue and that John Cena dressed like her (he was wearing black track suit like Sue). Then they announced the winners and YES Glee won.

Here's a breakdown of the TCA's that Glee won:
  • Choice TV Actor In A Comedy Series - Cory Monteith
  • Choice TV Breakout Star - Darren Criss
  • Choice TV Comedy - Glee
I'm still pissed because Lea was not even nominated, but I'm more than happy with those 3 Awards that our cast was nominated for, and even more excited that they won!

After their speeches (I was crying and jumping because they won and did not listen to it) they showed a "new" clip of the 3D Concert Movie. I sat there o_O because there wasn't anything in that preview that I had not already seen. It featured clips of the "On the Road" Videos and that was it.

After that they had a Commercial break, which started with Lea's commercial for HP and in every break they showed the trailer for the Concert Movie. It was totally Gleeked out!

All in all, you can say they all looked amazing, and it would have been great if the others would have won, as well... but I'm happy with the three Awards. They are very well-deserved.

Congrats Glee!

Again, a BIG TROUTYMOUTH SIZED THANK YOU to Melanie for writing this up for us! Couldn't have gotten it done without her, and if you're not following @glee4fansnet on Twitter, DO IT NOW! Or visit her fansite here!

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