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Glee 3D Movie Review

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Now that it's been a few days since Glee the 3D Concert Movie is no longer in theaters, (or at least at normal times in theaters), and I've had some time to digest its awesomeness... I'll break it down for you:

But... Before I go any further... If you haven't seen the movie, and don't know what it's about, or don't want to know the details, then STOP READING! You will spoil it for yourself :)

First of all, this was more than a movie to me... This was a documentary of my summer. At least 3 weeks of it. As you all know, I was lucky enough to go to Vegas for the Private Dress rehearsals, Whitney and I both went to Chicago, and Whitney and I both spontaneously flew to New York - In all three places I was able to see the concert... with unbelievable seats. I just need to disclaim right now, before I even go on with the rest of this post, how unbelievably fortunate I am to be able to travel around to see it. That said, I need to express how much this movie moved me.

The Concert

This concert was awesome. And watching it in 3D made me fee like I was on stage with this studly cast. Obviously it started with "Don't Stop Believing". I loved every minute of it and it immediately made me smile. Then it was "Sing", though... which means... no "Dog Days are Over". That was the only downside to this movie for me. "Dog Days" is one of my favorite songs, and I think that Jenna and Amber absolutely KILL it live. I mean, seriously, they were freakin' outstanding. So, since we can't get it in the movie. I strongly suggest you YouTube that business, because it's amazing. Jenna and Amber: Props, girls!

Then it showed "Empire State of Mind". You know I love this business! One of my favorite songs that they did live, especially when I went to New York. Literally, that song was one of the reasons Whitney and I decided to go to New York... The conversation went something like this: "What are you listening to?" "Empire State of Mind, you?" "I Love New York/New York New York." "Ok, seriously, we need to go to NY tomorrow for this concert" "I agree. Let's do it"
They played some other songs, but I just want to note a few:

 1) "P.Y.T" -- I may have had a few beers in me in New York when I was tweeting about how hot I thought Kevin and Harry were in this song, but after seeing it performed in 3D, I can defend those tweets 100%. Seriously. Holy.Crap.

2) "Silly Love Songs" -- Watching this movie, I was reminded of Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to spend the concert with a couple of girls that we had met that night - one being Sharelle, Jon Hall's (the Warbler) new fiancee. When the Warblers performed, we were able to run back to the back stage, and as Jon passed Sharelle, he sweetly pointed to her. In that moment, I realized how unbelievably meaningful this song really is. And how unbelievably meaningful it can be to a relationship. And on that note - Congrats Jon and Sharelle :)

3) "Ain't No Way" -- Amber.Killed.It. Seriously, just watching her in 3D during this movie proved how incredible she really is. I didn't see this performance up close, really, and seeing it in the movie literally brought me to tears.

4) "Valerie" -- It's my favorite song. And I love Amy Winehouse. I know Naya does too. Seeing this performance in 3D was like an immaculate experience. Not only was it an incredible performance by all 3 people involved (Perfectly done, Naya, Heather, and Harry), but it was after a devastating loss of a true music icon, Amy Winehouse. Seeing that performance was really an amazing way to pay tribute to an icon.

5) "Firework" -- This song never really did anything for me before the movie. I mean I had always thought Lea did an amazing job, don't get me wrong, but seeing it in 3D just gave me this... for lack of better words... out of body experience. While she was singing, I just had this huge flash of everything Whitney and I had done this summer. From all of our trips, to meeting some of our followers, to getting autographs from the cast, to getting them our funny t-shirts...

Which leads me to my next point: People could call us obsessed, and yeah, maybe we are. But Glee isn't just a TV show. It's not just a concert. It's not just a 3D movie. It's literally a life changing experience. It's a bunch of outcasts coming together for a common reason: Glee. It's really amazing how far this show has come, and how much it has changed people's lives. I won't get into it all, but you can read my letter if you really want to know my thoughts on the whole production, or you can read Whitney's letter if you want to know hers.

The Stories

The life-changing experience brings me to why I think these stories are so awesome.

Janae is a dwarf. Her story is about overcoming the social challenges of being small. Can I just say, she is the cutest person I've ever seen. Her bubbly personality is enough to make me want to be friends with her! She's fun, she's relatable, she's an every day normal teenager... She's just a bit smaller than your every day normal teenager.

Her story genuinely made me happy. It showed me that even, as she says it, "the little people in life" can overcome life's "tallest" challenges.

This story was heartbreaking, but uplifting at the same time. It really shows that even at the worst time in your life, you can overcome your challenges. Trenton is gay, and he was outed, maliciously and unintentionally, when he was in 8th grade.

To me, this would be a hard thing to overcome. Having your school look at you differently and treat you differently, even though you're the same person you've always been... it's got to be hard.

Trenton, however, overcame this challenge. He stuck it out at the same school for a few years, then transferred to a new one - no secrets, no fronts - just as he is. He joined his school's theater program, and just like in Glee, he was accepted.

All four times I saw this movie, I got the chills before "Born This Way". It showed Trenton standing in front of the camera, 'L' in front of his face, dancing to the intro. Powerful, symbolic, and uplifting... because Baby, you were born this way ;)

This is the story that I related most to. Josey was diagnosed with Asperger's when she was 15. I couldn't imagine what it would be like, as I have always been a social person... However, I can relate to this story most because there have been, and still are, times when I have social anxiety. I think most people generally do have social anxiety in certain situations.

Now, don't get me wrong. Asperger's is much more than social anxiety, I am not making that claim. However, the claim I am making is the message that I think Glee portrays the most: How many times have you not wanted to go somewhere, looking someway, doing something, in fear that people would judge you?

How many times have you been afraid of the people in your class, at your work, on your team, knowing that they might think you're weird because you act a certain way? I think everyone has that difficulty interacting in social situations.

Josey made me realize that no matter how severe the anxiety gets... or in her case, how "mad" her world gets... Sometimes, there's a positive side. Sometimes there's something to look forward to. And sometimes, you just don't give a damn what those people think of you.

Josey is an incredibly strong human being. Again, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have to deal with the conditions she lives in. But man, she embraces it as much as she can, and she made the decision to be a positive light in people's life, and that's really the best thing you can do. Life gave her lemons, and she made the best freakin' lemonade she could make. And for that she's an inspiration.

In fact, all of these people are inspirational. They have shared their life's struggles with the world... and to that, I (on behalf of Gleeks everywhere), say thank you!

Which is where I need to wrap up...

This movie is more than just a movie. This cast is more than just a cast. The crew, and everyone that made this movie possible are more than just a crew. This movie is a life-changer. Maybe one story, one song, one cast member, or one concert attendee has been able to change one other person's life with their story. And in doing so, they have made the world a better place. And that is an amazing thing.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope you enjoyed reading.


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