Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TroutyMouth Writers Gets Slushie Facials

If you all remember when Naya Rivera was on Wendy Williams, she mentioned that getting a "slushie facial" felt like getting slapped in the face with a glacier. She also said it's really hard to hold on to the cup... Well, we can confirm that rumor: it's 100% true.

The writers of TroutyMouth.com decided to give each other slushie facials... something we think all true Gleeks should do. Was it worth it? Probably not... especially since I got rocked in the face with a cup (Thanks Whitney! :) Just kidding.) It was fun. And maybe we'd do it again for some Glee VIP tickets or something... at any rate, it made for an incredibly hilarious video. Watch here:

Hope you enjoy! We've already lost our minds from this summer haitus... four more months.



1 comment:

  1. Never have I ever seen truer Glee fans. Love the music in the background.