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Holy Sweet Hell: Brittana Recap

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That's right everyone: Brittana. With last week's progress that was made between the two in the "Born This Way" episode, we over here at felt that it was time to go back and discuss how they went from the hilarious comedic duo who couldn't be separated to being in love with each other. Some saw it coming from the beginning, some did not. I'll admit that I didn't think this storyline would pick up. But thankfully it did. So let's do this thang!

As I'm sure all of us remember, in the first season of "Glee", Brittany and Santana were the hilarious cheerleaders that were always together. Santana being a bitch, Brittany being..less bright than others. The two linking their pinkies in the choir room as well as when they are walking down the hallway. And of course the infamous 4-6 way (depending on how you look at it) phone call where Santana tells everyone that "Sex isn't dating." and Brittany replies with, "Yea, if it were, then Santana and I would be dating." Let the full on shipping begin…

It was easy to get away with saying that line and either possibly developing a storyline or not because Santana and Brittany are so friendly with..well, everyone. Fast forward to season 2, episode 4: "Duets". Puck is away in juvie and Santana needs something warm beneath her so she can digest her food, which is where Brittany comes in. The two are making out on Brittany's bed (because it was a good break from..other things) and Brittany is talking about how she wants Santana to be her duet partner and sing "Come To My Window" by Melissa Etheridge. Solid choice. Santana claims that she's' not making out with Brittany because she's in love with her and doesn't want to sing about making lady babies. And Britt is clearly disappointed. Brittany continues to be mad at Santana for not singing with her but says that she's still so hot. She even tells Santana that she will not be allowed to the twins on Brittany's chest any longer, something that Santana seemed to not be happy about. She gives this look at the end of that scene that is like a cross between, "What!? No! I wants those and I wants 'em now" and "oh snap, did anyone see her do that?".

After we had that little glimpse into what I personally wasn't sure was going to take off, we had to wait for what felt a lifetime (like what...14 episodes?) to get back to the subject of Brittana. In the episode "Sexy", it starts with Santana this time. She asks Britt-Britt if she wants to come over and watch "Sweet Valley High" and get their cuddle on. That doesn't happen because Brittany thinks she's pregnant..but it turns out that it's only a stork building it's nest outside her house. I can't decide what's worse…the thought of Artie getting Brittany pregnant or that she thought there was an actual stork out there. I'm gonna go with the first one being worse (no hate on Kevin McHale…just Artie). ANYWAYS, later we find ourselves in Santana's room with her and Brittany. Brittany (emphasis needed for a later discussion) brings up how she really likes it when her and Santana make out and stuff but is confused about her feelings and tries to tell Santana that it's better when there are feelings between the people involved. Santana (in denial about Brittany) tells her that that isn't true and that she often prefers doing it without eye contact. Due to the confusion that both girls are facing, they go to talk to the sex ed sub Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) about it. Holly asks the girls if either one of them think that they are a lesbian to which both of them say they aren't sure. Santana says that she's attracted to guys and attracted to girls as well. Holly then says that it's not about who you are attracted to but who you fall in love with and suggests that maybe they sing a song that can best express their feelings. Santana says she has the perfect song in mind and chooses the song "Landslide".

They sing it with Holly (well, mainly Holly, grr…) and the whole time they are looking at each other and it is just very emotional and I mean come on, Santana is crying. And for once it's not because she has to ride in a wheelchair or because she can't go to Breadstix. After the song is over, Brittany asks her if that's how she really feels and Santana says yes. But then of course, Rachel makes a (hilarious) comment about how she's impressed by the sapphic charm in their song. This causes Santana to retreat and say that just because she sang a song with Brittany, doesn't mean that you can label her and walks back to her seat, where we are left with a heartbroken Brittany. And now, it's time for…the hurt locker scene. Santana comes to Brittany to tell her that the reason she's a bitch all the time is that she has all of these feelings for Brittany but doesn't want to express them because she is afraid of what people will say behind her back. This leads to her also confessing that she's in love with Brittany and Brittany does say that she loves her back but can't be with her because she also love Artie. If Brittany is lucky enough later down the road that Santana is still single, she said she would definitely be with her then, proudly so. Hey Brittany, I love ya girl but remember when you were the one that wanted to get the feelings out there? And then you did then..ouch.

The episode "Original Song" doesn't have too much interaction but there is a little. The Dirt Locker. Brittany tells Santana that she misses when they used to hang out and Santana gets testy with her because she stood her up for Stubbles McCripplepants and says that she's with Sam still. Brittany is a bit shocked and not impressed with this news and reminds Santana she she told her she was in love with her. Santana replies quickly saying that she didn't know what she was thinking, however cannot seem to focus on her locker combination while Brittany is staring at her. She also tells Brittany that she cannot wait to sing an awesome heterosexual song to Sam. And as well ALL know, she sings "Trouty Mouth" to him. Sam = Trouty Mouth, Brittany = Landslide. Ouch.

While "A Night of Neglect" had a serious lack of Brittana action, we did have one OUTSTANDING Santana moment. You can view this awesomeness here and can I just say that I'm still pumped to see Santana taking the side of Kurt and Blaine? And to find out that she has razor blades in her hair (fairy veil)...

So here we are now (finally!) to the "Born This Way" action! Woo! I feel like a lot of progress was made in this episode. The kids in New Directions are trying to learn self acceptance and are told that they will sing a group number that is Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" while wearing shirts that have words on them that say something about each one of them, something about themselves that they cannot change and that they were born with. During this scene, we get a look on Santana's face that says she knows what she should put on the shirt but she won't put it because she doesn't want people to talk about her. Cut to Santana swooning over Britt in the hallway, she decides that the key to getting Brittany could be to become Prom Queen. For that, she also needs a King, which is none other than Dave Karofsky. She tells him that she knows he's gay because she saw him checking out Sam's ass. She then goes on to tell him that they need each other to be each other's gay beards because they play on the same team. She does not however say that she's interested in winning Brittany's heart. Due to the issue of Santana blackmailing Dave with his gayness (nice move), the two team up and form an anti-bullying group called the "Bully Whips" and also tell the whole glee club that along this journey they have fallen in love. Brittany looks disappointed while most of the others look ill (understandable). Fast forward to right before the final number, Brittany and Santana are at their lockers (a.k.a the shirt locker) and Britt shows her her shirt (I'm with Stoopid *upwards arrow*) and Santana shows hers (Bitch). She claims that she was born a bitch because when she came out she told the nurse she was fat but Brittany made her a different shirt that says "Lebanese" on it. Santana reminds Brittany that she's Hispanic but then realizes that Britt meant for the shirt to say "lesbian".

Brittany goes on to tell her that it really meant a lot to her when she opened up to her about being love, she knew it hurt a lot for her to do that and she was proud that she did do it. Santana told her not toe get used to it and to certainly not tell anyone about it. Brittany is then confused as to why Santana doesn't want anyone to know because she thinks that sis the the "most awesomest" girl at that school and doesn't know why she would try to hide any of that. Santana replies that it doesn't matter because she is with Karofsky now, which Brittany tells her that it's gross (preach). Then Santana tells her that she doesn't get a say in who she dates anymore because she told her that she loved her and Brittany didn't say it back. Then Brittany replies with what could be one of my favorite lines ever, "I do love you. Clearly you don't love you as much as I do or you would put on this shirt and dance with me." Hey oh! Not exactly nice but I thought it was a step in the right direction. Brittany finally showed some serious feelings and I believed what she was saying. Due to the fact that most of her lines are goofy and she doesn't always know what is going on, I was confused on her feelings..this however gives me some major hope! Giving us more hope is Santana at the end of the episode, wearing the "Lebanese" shirt..but not dancing with Britt.

So now that is where we are in the Brittana relationship. It's getting pretty serious (for those who want a bit of a spoiler, you might want to check out this "Go Your Own Way" performance, Brittany's new internet show, and the performance of "Dreams"). I can't wait to see what happens this week and continue to talk about this relationship and what happens with it! All thoughts are welcome below so feel free to comment! :)

Have a great night and try not to lose it while waiting for the new "Rumours" episode tomorrow!

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