Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Prom Queen Glee - Gleecap!

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If you haven't seen The Prom Queen yet, there will be spoilers!

Ok, so if you missed the Prom Queen, you're crazy. People thought this episode was disappointing. I can see why, but I may be in the minority that thought this episode was phenomenal. I'll get into that sometime tomorrow. Right now, I'm just going to focus on what you missed... in case you live in a cave, or had a power outage...

1) Jacob told Puck that Lauren had taken his balls, so now he wants to regain his bad-ass-ador status, by recruiting Artie to help him spike the punch at Prom. Artie agrees after Brittany rejects his prom proposal, and Sue catches him. She almost pulls his teeth... but she doesn't. Artie misses most of the prom, but at the end he gets a dance with Brittany.

2) Brittany has fun at the Prom by herself. She dances with everyone else's dates. Girls, boys, girls with boyfriends, boys with boyfriends, girls with girlfriends... evereyone.

3) Santana decides for the Bully Whips to protect Kurt during prom week, because she thinks it will get her sympathy votes for Prom Queen. In the process, Kurt and Dave have a moment. Dave cries and apologizes to Kurt for doing all of the hurtful things he did to him in the past. It was sweet.

4) Kurt asks Blaine to prom. We find out that Blaine got the crap kicked out of him at a Sadie Hawkins dance right after he came out. But since he's crazy about Kurt he went anyway.

5) Mercedes is sad that she's not going to have a date for prom. So she and Rachel devise a plan to get Sam to be their date. They put together the little money that they had, and loaned Sam some money to go with them. They went to Breadstix.

5) Jesse St. James comes back. He apologizes to Rachel, and even though she had been set to be Sam and Mercedes' date, Jesse ends up taking her to prom. So the Breadstix date was a double with Finn and Rachel + Sam and Mercedes.

6) Finn sees Jesse dancing dirty with Rachel. So they fight. And they both get kicked out of Prom. It was crazy.

7) I guess Santana's gay-beard + Bully Whips plan backfired in her face. Dave Karofsky was named Prom King... But KURT HUMMEL was named Prom Queen. It was a cruel joke. Santana cried. Quinn cried. Kurt cried.

8) Then Santana said that she must have smelled like golf and that everyone must have known she was a lesbian, and that's why she didn't win Prom Queen. So she was going to move to a lesbian colony or Tribeca... But Brittany told her to embrace her awesomeness, and that she believed in her. Sweet moment.

9) Quinn thought it was Rachel's fault that she didn't win Prom Queen, because everyone knew Finn was really interested in Rachel... So she slapped Rachel. But then she and Quinn had a very powerful moment... it was like they were friends.

10) Kurt was furious that he was crowned Prom Queen. But he decided to embrace it, and make a difference. So he did. And he rocked it by telling Kate Middleton to eat her heart out. Then when he and Karofsky were supposed to dance together, Karofsky got spooked and ran away. So Blaine came in and danced with Kurt to Dancing Queen. Great moment.

And that's what you missed on... Glee!


  1. Error in 5) it says Finn & Rachel...should be Jesse & Rachel.
    Otherwise- GREAT post. PHENOMENAL episode. Can't wait for nationals. LOVE GLEE -- Love you for always blogging :) Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the comment! We fixed it! And thanks for reading, we're glad you enjoy it :)