Monday, May 2, 2011

First Look at Rumours - Brittany Outs Santana

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Warning: Spoilers for Rumours take place in the following post and video!

So apparently Brittany is starting her own talk show this week in the Rumours episode. We know Brittany and Santana tension has been at sky-rocket levels lately, but with a new sneak peak from Fox, tension might spark even more. Take a look:

Holy. Sweet. Hell. First of all, can we just say how much we love "Fondue for Two"... and really it should be fondue for three. Hahaha! Then, she just outs Santana, like it's no big deal. And she can confirm that rumor it's 100% true.

Oh gosh, can these sneak peaks get any better. Never have we been more excited for an episode of Glee. Can it be Tuesday yet?!

Happy 1 day left!

- Bonnie

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