Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rumours - Gleecap!

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WARNING: If you haven't seen Rumours yet, I wouldn't read anymore of this post :)

Ok, so, as we thought, the Rumours episode last night was epic. I don't even know where to start, but I'll sure try and break it down for you as best I can... So, without further adu:

1) Two words: Fondue for Two. (Shouldn't that be three words? I'm shaking my head like you're dumb for even suggesting it...) Anyways, the episode starts off with Brittany's new web-series Fondue for Two! In this, they want to get all the "hot dish", so she invites Tina Cohen Chang and Mercedes Jones to discuss it. In doing so, she sort of "outs" Santana... accidentally of course.

2) Sue brings the "Muckraker" back to McKinley. Why? Not for news.. for rumors. She's stirring the pot, getting all kinds of crazy rumors started. In the first edition, it says that Sam and Quinn were seen together, and that Santana has been spending "time in her closet". So, naturally, Finn gets really ticked off at Quinn and Sam, thinking that they are having an affair. Then, Santana gets really upset at Brittany for outing her on her "Stupid Melted Cheese Show", even though Brittany means she just stopped playing for the Cheerios and started playing for New Directrions... oh Brittany.

3) Artie finds out that Brittany has been cheating on him with Santana and gets really upset and calls her stupid. Really Artie? That was dumb. Good way to keep "the hottest girl in school"... Anyways, Brittany starts crying, and Santana is there to comfort the Sad Little Panda with an amazing cover of Songbird. You may have heard it when we posted it earlier. Well, I died a little, but that's beside the point. Brittany tells Santana to come on Fondue for Two so that she can ask her to Prom. She agrees. But doesn't come. Instead Brittany interviews Lord Tubbington.

4) Major Rachel-Finn-Quinn drama. Quinn tells Finn he can't do any solos with Rachel if she wanted to be with her. Rachel wants Finn to sing solos with her because she still loves him. Finn thinks Quinn is cheating and doesn't even know what to do.

5) April Rhodes comes back and wants Will to help her write a Broadway show. Rumors swirl that Will would quit the Glee club to do it. Emma even encourages it since Will has been so good helping her cope with her OCD. Heck... I encourage it. Be gone Mr. Schue. Or else stop being douchey.

6) During a stakeout, Finn and Rachel see Kurt leaving a motel room with Sam. They also see Quinn leaving a motel room with Sam. The only conclusion they could come up with is that he was hooking up with them. So they thought Sam was a slut, was a slut, was a slut!

7) Turns out Sam's dad lost his job, so their family lost their house. So now they live in a motel room, which is why Quinn was seen with him. Which is also why Kurt was seen with him. Then the whole Glee club felt bad for accusing him of being gay and hooking up with Quinn. So at the end they all rally behind him and sing Don't Stop with him to his sister and brother. It was a heartfelt moment. 

8) Other notables: Terri went trolling, Sue dressed up like David Bowie and Ann Coulter, Lord Tubbington can eat cheese because he is on Atkins, and McTina Cohen Chang-Chang and Pizes was created.

And that's what you missed on Glee!


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