Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glee Funeral - Gleecap

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In case you live under a rock... or have meetings with your sorority every Tuesday at 7:30... here's what you missed on Funeral:

1. Jesse St. James is back to coach Glee Club as the "Showchoir Consultant". So the Glee club hosts auditions to see who the star of the club is. Santana killed an amazing version of "Back to Black". Kurt sings "Some People". Mercedes rocks "Try a Little Tenderness". Rachel belts out "My Man". All of them are amazing, but Jesse St. Sucks just likes to rag on them all. And quite frankly it just made me want to go all Lima Heights...

2. Sue's sister, Jean, passed away. Sue was incredibly broken hearted and didn't know what to do, and didn't understand why it was happening. Glee Club helps her to plan a service and clean her sister's room, but she gets upset. When Kurt asks her why she let them do this, Sue admits that it was just to make sure Jean had a full house at her funeral, because she didn't know a lot of people. I cried. It was sad.

3. At Jean's funeral, there was a full house. Then Sue tried to say some nice things to Jean, but she couldn't because she was too sad. So Will did. And then the Glee Club sang Pure Imagination. I also cried then... A lot. It was beautiful. A complete wow moment. And if you're going to watch for any reason, it should be to see this funeral. It was amazingly well-done.

4. Since Sue was so sad about her sister, she kicked Becky off the Cheerios. Becky wanted to join Glee, but Will said she couldn't until next year. Sue later told Becky that she was back on the Cheerios and would be captain next year.

5. Finn breaks up with Quinn. I haven't completely wrapped my head around this one yet, but he did it. Then he caught Jesse kissing Rachel in the auditorium. So many emotions.

6. Terri upgrades the Glee Clubs tickets to first class, and she claims to be moving to Miami. Funny story, Will is going to Broadway, too. He claims it's not forever. Emma thinks it is.

6. Will decides that the solos were all amazing, and that they were doing the Nationals numbers together, as a club. Oh.. and no Brittana moments.

Aaaaaand that's what you missed... on Glee!


  1. So. Many. Emotions.
    Where do I even start. Sue had me crying, THE whole episode. It was so great to see a vulnerable moment from her. I love that the Glee Club came together to help her. So sweet. I was thinking they were going to sing "For Good" at the funeral, which would have had me bawling (Bonnie, you can surely remember why). But I'm so glad they went with the Willy Wonka theme. It lightened the mood and was sweet and meaningful.

    I loved the audition songs. Santana ROCKED it so hard. I wish I could sing like her!! Mercedes and Rachel, always such stars. They were incredible. And as much as I love Kurt as a character, his song was not my favorite.

    Jesse St. Sucks had me cracking up over and over again. The way he delivered his lines was perfect. Hilarious.

    I am dying for more Emma/Will action! What's going to happen!! And obvi, we need to see where Santana is going in regards to her love life as well. I'm also kinda hoping for some Sam/Mercedes get together. Whaddaya think???

    Ugh, I am DYING for the finale!! Clearly we probs won't know if they win or not until they come back in the fall. I can't wait to see how it goes!

    Love you guys. Love this blog! I just plugged it for you on my facebook so hopefully your readership will increase :)


  2. A) thanks for plugging! B) agreed on so many accounts, and I would have LOVED to hear "For Good" obviously. C) I would not mind some Samcedes at all... I'm dying for her to get a boyfriend! D) the wemma storyline is frustrating me so much. GET TOGETHER ALREADY!! IT'S BEEN TWO SEASONS!! E) thanks for reading frand!