Sunday, May 15, 2011

Glee Original Song - Pretending

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So, I'm a big fan of Finchel. I want them to get back together, so bad. And I'd think that Whitney would agree with that statement. We both think that Finn was much nicer when he was with Rachel, and we both think that his love for her was real, whereas his love for Quinn is a little bit superficial, AKA he thinks she's smokin'. If anyone's love for Quinn was real love, it was Puck. ANYWAYS... After hearing this new Finchel duet, we're definitely hoping that it's leading to something good. We get to find out in two weeks. But the speculating is so much fun. So, take a listen, enjoy, and tell us what you think :)


  1. Dear Trouty Mouth Blog,
    Could you please stop with the blue font, because it's really impossible to read the posts in google reader or other rss reader... where background is white !
    Thank you :D

  2. Thanks for the feedback! We tried adding a background color to the font. Let us know if that's any better, and if it's not, we'll work on trying to fix up the font colors a little more. Glad you're reading, and hope you enjoy! :)

  3. that's ok now, with the black background to the font. Thank you very much!!!