Friday, April 29, 2011

Go Your Own Way - Glee Sneak Peak

This video has potential spoilers in it, as it is a scene from the Rumours episode... Watch at your own risk!

Just as we thought this season couldn't get any better, I've never been more excited for an episode in my life. Here's a sneak peak of Rachel singing "Go Your Own Way" on next week's Rumours episode:

OK, Let's go over a few things real quick:

1) Finchel tension: It's good tension. Signs of Finn and Rachel getting back together? I think so... Or at least there's definite chemistry there. She's singing to him, he's smiling at her. I sense a break up and a get-together coming soon! Not to mention, look at Quinn's face. She is not havin' this interaction one bit!

2) Bartie tension: First thing I noticed in this scene was that Brittany and Artie weren't sitting together. Say whaaat?! Then look at those fierce exchanges that they give each other throughout the song. It looks like Artie "just can't be bothered".

3) Puck and Finn rockin' out is just way too adorable. I cannot wait for this scene!

Hope you enjoyed it, and tell us what you think!

Happy Gleeking, dudes.


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