Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brittana - The Prom Queen

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That awkward moment when Brad Falchuk says that the final three episodes will have heavy Brittana action so you expect it and create all these AMAZING drama filled scenes in your mind and then none of that happen. That was my life after this episode everyone.

While at first I was not pleased at all with "The Prom Queen" episode, I've decided that I actually do like it. The false hope that Mr. Falchuk gave me was what really ruined it for me last night. Then I decided that I should be grateful for the minimal Brittana that we did get.

While the ladies and Kurt were trying on dresses and giving fashion advice, there was a glance from Santana in the general direction of Brittany while she was showing off her dress however I'm trying to decide what was going on here. After reviewing the scene I've decided that it's either 1) a Brittana look or 2) a "man-I-wish-Kurt-knew-I-was-into-women-so-he-wouldn't-call-me-Satan-and-we-could-be-friends" look. I like to this it's a combination of both because I desperately want Santana and Kurt to be friends. Like great friends.

While Rachel was singing "Jar of Hearts" and while Kurt and Blaine were talking about Dave acting like he was straight, I think we all saw the look on Santana's face as well. I classify this as a Brittana look. She'd obviously rather be dancing with Britt and she is scared that people know that she's a lesbian and isn't ready to deal with that yet.

And finally, the classroom scene with Brittany and Santana both. Santana is upset that she lost Prom queen and she thinks it's because everyone thinks she's a lesbian (because she smells like a golf course). 

Brittany comforts her and tells her that she didn't win because people just know she's not being herself and that if she would've been herself, she definitely would've won. She then tells Santana that she voted for her and believes in her. I think the whole world thought we were going to have a kiss at that moment but of course, there wasn't one. Brittany also told Santana to go back out to the Prom and support Kurt because he's having a harder time out there than she would be (read the Gleecap by Bonnie to know the whole story). It was nice to see more brains from Brittany again. While I'm all for those two getting together, it was also nice to see a friendship moment from them as well since it's kind of been awhile.

Looking forward to the next two episodes even though I don't know how I am going to deal with the season ending!

Hope we can all make it through the weekend, Gleeks!

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