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Glee Rumours - Likes and Dislikes

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Potential Spoilers in this post! Use caution!

Sorry that we have been a little bit neglectful of the blog this weekend. It's crunch time at school for me, so I've been working on finals and stuff before graduation! Whitney's been busy pluggin' away at a little surprise we'll have for our followers... so stay tuned.

Since Prom is so close, but Rumours was so good, we're going to do a little "Likes and Dislikes" segment... like we do every week. This week's episode was epic. There wasn't a whole lot that I didn't love about it. But even though there might be way more that I liked about the episode than I disliked, there was still some interesting interactions during the episode. Here's what we think:


1)Fondue for Two: Fondue For Two was epic. It was one of those things you'd never expect to see in any television show, but something you hope continues to repeat itself. Brittany was hilarious, Lord Tubbington was hilarious, the theme song was hilarious. We couldn't wish Fondue For Two to be on more episodes than we do now. Please RIB-- Season 3 regular webisode!!!

2)The music: Literally, all of the music was phenomenal. It is so hard for me to pick a performance that I like the best. Ok, well I'd pick "Songbird". But the second place song literally could be any other song that was sung. Rachel did a bang up job on "Go Your Own Way". She totally put her 'Rachel Berry Feminine Twist', and it rocked. "Don't Stop" was great. And it was so cute to see Sam's little 'Trouty Mouth' family. Artie did an awesome job on "Never Going Back Again" (sidenote-- the original is one of my favorite songs, and I think Artie held his own...) Then you have a hilarious Fuinn performance. We even liked the way Schue sand "Dreams"! Really... there wasn't a bad song in this episode. 

3)A Vulnerable Sam Storyline: They even said it in the episode: "What do we know about Sam, anyway?" Sam has been an important character throughout the second season, but we haven't really gotten to know him like we know the other characters. It was really nice to see a Chord Overstreet storyline come to play. It made us more emotionally connected to Sam, and it fit the creative genius of a story line that Ryan Murphy and company have created.

4)Finchel: There was so much Finchel chemistry this week, we don't even know what to do! This is such a huge step in the right direction for Finchel fans. Rachel and Finn staked out together not once, but twice. Then they went to talk to Sam together. Looks like they're in more scenes together than Finn and Quinn... Let's hope things get interesting!

5)Brittana: For Brittana fans, there was also a step in the right direction this week. After Artie did something that we didn't like... see below... Brittany runs to Santana. And Santana was there with a love song. Step up your game Artie!

6)Sue Sylvester: Dressed up like David Bowie and Anne Coulter... 'nuff said!

7)April Rhodes: Usually we don't like April Rhodes... or at least I don't. I like Kristin Chenoweth, don't get me wrong, but her character tends to be a show-stealer when she guests. This week, I think there was the perfect combination of April Rhodes and the hilarity that she brings to the show. It made her character really enjoyable this week!

8)The Use of Fan-related Terms: It seems like they've started doing this a lot lately... using fan-related terms, or putting things in episodes that only real fans would know. Starting with the "Ferry Veil" reference in A Night of Neglect, to the use of "trolling" by Terri and the awesome shipper names in this week's episode. Keep it up, guys. Fans are diggin' it!


1)Artie No offense, Kevin McHale, we know you're not Artie, but man, we were upset with the way you talked to Brittany this week! The girl's got feelings, too! As we all learned from BTW-- She's with Stoopid. Not to mention, regardless of the cheating (it's not justification, but...), Santana is first and foremost Brittany's BFF. Of course she's going to defend her. Leave Brittany alone! Don't call her stupid again, or you'll get kicked to the curb, for sure... if you haven't been already...

2)Lack of Mercedes and Tina: We know this is said every week, and we know it's impossible for RIB to integrate 15 character-lines into 43 minutes, but those girls literally had like 2 lines this whole episode. We are sure that's bound to change... just know we miss you girls!

3)No 10 AM and I'm Drunk? According to spoilers, we were supposed to have an April Rhodes Song called "It's 10 AM and I'm Drunk". Didn't see it this time... maybe there's still hope, but that's something that we were really looking forward to from Ms. Rhodes!

As you can tell from the lack of "Dislikes" and the overabundance of "Likes", we thought this was one of the best episodes this season! I hope they do another album-centered show again, because I think an album can really address multiple story lines. Plus, it makes for an incredibly interesting storyline.

So, are you ready for Prom?! If the last two episode were any indication of how phenomenal this season is going to end... we're in for a real treat! Two more days Gleeks!


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