Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glee Promo - New York

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Can you believe it's already time for Nationals? Me..either. It's crazy! While I'm very sad that the season is gonna end next week, I'm also very excited to see what happens. At this moment in time, I'm kind of doubting the last episode because I feel like there is A LOT to cover and not enough time in that one hour time slot. Here is the promo for next week:

Let's chat:
1) All the running around NYC looks super fun. The dancing, the fountains, the balloons. That alone pumps me up!

2) The glee club finding out that Will is leaving to be on Broadway! Yikers! Will it shake them and cause them to not be able to focus on winning Nationals? I think they will be sad but even more determined to win and try to convince him to stay (even though he's "only going for the summer")

3) Original songs! If you haven't heard them by now, you might want to check this out for "Light Up The World" and this one for "Pretending". I love both of them. What I love the most is that we are really banking on Santana being responsible for the first verse of "Light Up The World".

4) "Was that scripted?" "No." Due to the fact that I had spoilers thrown in my face, I believe I know what this is about HOWEVER what do you guys think? Either way it is intense and Will and Jesse are definitely like WTF.

I hope we can all get through the rest of this week and the weekend alive. Glee addictions are very serious..stay strong Gleeks!


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