Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brittana - Rumours

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Spoilers if you haven't watched "Rumours" but I mean come on..how could you not watch it knowing that it was a Fleetwood Mac tribute?

Alright, so here we are, another week into the drama that is Brittana. If you need a recap on their whole deal, feel free to click here and read it from the beginning.

This episode starts out with a web talk show that Brittany has started called "Fondue for Two". Her, Mercedes and Tina are discussing rumors that are going around the school and eventually Brittany reveals that she has head that Santana plays for the other team and can confirm that that is 100% true. Oops..accidental outing? Well, not quite. When Santana yells at Brittany for saying that she plays for the other team, Brittany says that she does, she used to be on the Cheerios team and now she's only on the New Directions (team). Santana is a little frustrated with the wording that Brittany chose but seems to let go of that pretty quickly. Someone who is finally picking up on the Brittana action: Artie. Artie confronts Brittany about how there is something going on between the two of them. Brittany says that that can't happen because they are both girls and that's not cheating because it's friends talking with their tongues super close and Santana reassures her that that is not cheating. Artie says that Santana is just manipulating her and that if there is anyone else out there that is giving her something that he should be but can't, then that is too much for him to take. He goes on to say that Santana is aware of this and is using it to break them up. Brittany defends Santana by saying she's not this bad person that everyone thinks she is and then Artie says probably the worst thing he couldn't ever said and asks Brittany why she is so stupid? Brittany runs off crying because he was the only person at the school that had never called her that. Offensive. GTFO Artie.

During Artie's song, we see a little bit of Santana comforting Brittany in the hallway after she's telling her that Artie called her stupid.

Next up in their story: Songbird. This song leaked last week and we here at Trouty Mouth have been listening to it nonstop because Naya Rivera's voice is friggin' outstanding and we want her to get every solo. Anyways, she sings "Songbird" to Brittany alone in a room. Well, alone plus Brad. This solo is very intimate and heartfelt. I'm pretty sure I might've stopped breathing during this performance because it was so emotional. 

After it's finished, Brittany asks Santana why she couldn't sing it in front of everyone since her and Artie are broken up. She says that she's not ready for that yet and that people are already starting to treat her differently ever since her "playing for the other team" rumor was circulating (i.e. she was asked to join the golf team). Brittany asks if Santana will tell everyone about it if she goes first. She tells Santana to come onto "Fondue for Two" and Brittany will tell everyone her feelings for Santana, ask her to Prom and all Santana has to do is say yes. Santana says that she will do it. 

Well, the next episode of "Fondue for Two" airs and Brittany says that her guest was supposed to be Santana, however, she got a text from Santana that just said, "I can't." Brittany recovers nicely though, continuing the show with her cat, Lord Tubbington. PS - Lord Tubbington, please quit smoking, it's not good for you.

In the final Brittana scene of the evening, it's back to heartbreak for all of us. Jacob Ben Israel is questioning Santana about rumors of her and Karofsky doing it in a parked car in the cemetery. Santana says she has no comments about that rumor. Jacob then asks for comments about how after he looked up the IP address that that rumor was posted from how come it turned out to be hers and she says that her computer was stolen. Obviously this whole episode is happening near the lockers (where all Brittana heartbreak goes on) and Brittany can hear all of it. Santana tells Jacob that her and Karofsky are going strong in their king and queen campaign and to vote Santofsky. Jacob asks her if they are in love and soulmates, and when he does, Santana just looks at Brittany and says, "Yea..I'd say that was accurate."

That is the end of the Brittana drama from this episode. Next week is the Prom episode and then there are only two more episodes after that (depression!) so I'm sure some crazy things will be happening and I can't wait!


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