Monday, May 16, 2011

Tribute to Santana Lopez

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Since Naya Rivera has been in the news so much, I thought I'd take the time to revisit why we love Santana Lopez oh so much.

  1. She's a raging bitch. Yep, and we love that about her. In fact, this scene shows you just the kind of raging bitch she is. And it's probably one of my all time favorite Santana scenes. Maybe she does get into fights with people, but it's pretty hilarious when she does.

  2. We've finally gotten to see some vulnerability. Lately, it's been all about Brittana, and Santana really sells it. You can really feel how much she's struggling, how sad she is, and how much she really loves Brittany.
  3. She's not afraid of anyone or anything... well, at least she doesn't let it show if she is. She's the only person that will stand up to anyone, and she's the only person to make sure she gets what she wants. As she states, so honestly, "she keeps it real, and she's hilarious".
  4. We also love the actor who plays Santana Lopez. Lately Naya has been in the news for the GLAAD Media Awards, she's been an inspiration to girls all over the world, she has an incredible voice, and she's absolutely hilarious. We love Naya, and we think she's a role model to young girls, women, and fans all over the globe!

I can count 670 reasons why we love Santana, but I'm just as interested to hear why you guys love her. Let us know with some comments!


PS. After watching MJTheExperience... I can think of 671 reasons. #671 being: She killed that solo!

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