Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Prom Queen - Likes and Dislikes

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As I said before, I may be in the small minority that actually liked The Prom Queen. Even though Brittana fans might be a little upset at the lack of Brittana moments, I thought this episode really brought out what we have always liked about Glee.

So, without further ado...


Klaine: So, I'm sort of indifferent about Kurt and Blaine's relationship... until after this episode. Now I totally ship Klaine! What I really liked about this relationship during the episode was how each one of them had moments that they were vulnerable, but they were there for one another. Exhibit A: Kurt asks Blaine to Prom. When you find out how Blaine was beat up right after he came out, Kurt sweetly told him, if he wasn't ready to go, they could skip Prom and go see a movie. You knew he didn't want to skip his prom, but Blaine was more important to him, and you could really see this come out in this interaction. Exhibit B: Kurt was crowned Prom Queen. Obviously, he was incredibly hurt. Blaine ran after him and was there for him every step of the way. Then when Kurt and Karofsky were supposed to dance, Blaine was there to dance with him. It was an incredibly sweet moment.

The Bully Whips: "Teen Gay- you can now walk to the next check point without fear of violence!" 'Nuff said. Which brings me to my next point...

Nice Karofsky: As you know, we're not big Karofsky promoters here, but we loved the interaction that Dave had with Kurt. While he walked him to his next check point, he realized that he could be in Kurt's same position at that exact moment. Kurt was also trying to explain to Dave that he could make a difference in the school if he would come out and be who he is. It really seemed to take a toll on Dave, and he cried and told Kurt how sorry he was. It was really emotional.

The Music: Again, the music in this week's episode was awesome. There wasn't a song I didn't like... and they covered "Friday" by Rebecca Black. And to end it with "Dancing Queen", it really just made me smile.

Lack of Will Schuester: Other people may not have enjoyed this fact as much as I did, but it was nice to finally see that the show is about the kids again. Though I think that Will is an important character, I'm glad that the whole storyline focused around Prom.

Brittany: Brittany stole the show. She was not only hilarious, but she was also the one who had the "wisest" words to say. First of all, as cute as I thought the scene was where Artie asked her to Prom, I thought it was amazing that she turned him down. He hurt her, and she stuck to her guns! Total independent woman! Then, when Santana was crying to her about not being Prom Queen, Brittany was the one who told her it was because she wasn't being herself, and that she believed in her. Great choice of words Brit-Brit. Then, I thought this was the best part of that whole interaction: She told Santana to go out be there for Kurt, because it was going to be a lot harder on him than it was on her. How smart is this girl, for real?! She was amazing, this episode was all about her!


Noah Puckerman: So, I love Pizes. But I was a little upset to hear Puck question his manhood because of what Jacob said about "Lauren having his balls". They're a power couple if I ever saw one, and I think that he should embrace his relationship with Lauren, and rock it-- like they've been doing.

Figgins: I know the whole Prom Queen story line was written in long ago, hence the name of the episode. However, don't you think that Principal Figgins would have said something about it. Don't you think he would have put a stop to it? Don't you think he wouldn't have made Karofsky and Kurt dance together, knowing everything that he'd been through? I just found that part of the storyline a little bit annoying.

Whiny Santana: Lately, and Brittany pointed it out in this episode, Santana hasn't been herself. And we love Santana because she rocks being a bitch... not many people can do that. But this whole coming to terms with accepting herself thing is taking away from her character. Maybe it's just my opinion, but I don't think Santana's character really would have acted in that way. She just doesn't show any confidence in herself. Though I definitely think she would have cried. And I did like seeing that friendship interaction between her and Britney, because they are best friends, still. So, don't get me wrong, I love Santana, and I hate seeing her sad like this, but I want to see more of that confidence that she's known for!

Welp, that's all she wrote folks. I hope you've enjoyed reading. Let me know your thoughts, and whether you agree or disagree!

I'm interested in seeing how the rest of this season pans out! Two more days until the most anticipated (or if you don't know the name of the episode... lease anticipated episode) of the season!

Have a Glee-filled night :)


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