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Glee Nationals - Season Finale Gleecap

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I don't know why you'd ever miss the season finale of Glee, but in case you did a) kill yourself and b) as if. Here's what you missed:

Obviously, Nationals takes place in New York, so the show opened in New York. It was crazy chaotic and people were running all over the hotel, and Puck and Zizes tried to order Manhattans, but then Mr. Schue locked them in a room until they figured out the original songs that they were going to sing. Brittany made up a song called "My Cup". It was awesome. 

So, they decide to go out and explore the city. That's when you hear the New York New York/I Love New York Mashup. They sang and danced all around New York. They looked like they had fun.

Then it shot back to the boys in their hotel room chatting about Rachel and Finn dating. Then the girls shot in the hotel room, and they all had a pillow fight? But where was Will? Oh yeah, he was out singing the Matt Morrison original song "Still Got Tonight". Even though it's not a Broadway song, and even though we didn't care to see it... he did it anyway. Oh well. Then it shot back to the kids...

Then later that night, Finn took Rachel out on a date where they met Patti LuPone and Rachel told her she was her idol. Then Ms. LuPone told her to never give up... and that Finn was cute. Then they took a romantic walk down the street, where they were serenaded by the fellow Glee club boys, singing "Belle Notte". Finn finally had the nerve to kiss her, but Rachel told him she couldn't.

After that, they went back to the hotel room to write. It shows them in the hotel room together, and Kurt comes in and tells Rachel that they are going to have Breakfast at Tiffany's. They do. Then they go into the Gershwin Theater. They got caught, but then the guy that worked there gave them fifteen minutes. So they sung "For Good". Then Rachel decided that being on Broadway was her only true love.

Quinn decides she wants to sabotage the Glee Club's try at Nationals because she wasn't ok with the fact that Finn dumped her for Rachel, but Santana and Brittany talk her out of it. Mostly Santana with her vicious vicious words... well they weren't vicious, but she was her normal fiery self. Then Quinn said that she just wanted to be loved. Santana clearly felt for her, and they all sat down together. Santana suggested a hookup... well not really, but Quinn thought she might... Really Santana suggested a haircut. Then they all shared a moment.... Then Quinn got a haircut.

Then, it was Nationals time. Finn wrote "Pretending" which is the first song sung by New Directions, with Finn and Rachel on the leads. They became overwhelmed with their emotions, and the scene concluded with a Finchel makeout sesh... Oh, and Jesse St. Sucks showed up for about five minutes.

Then they sang "Light Up the World" where Santana, Artie, Brittany, and Finn took the leads. Both performances were great. Afterward, they were really excited about the way that they had performed, except Jesse said that the kiss was going to cost them Nationals.

Well it did... or something did... because they didn't place in the top 10. In fact, we learn later that they placed 12th. It was sad. And all of the Glee Clubbers were uber pissed at Finn and Rachel.

They were so pissed in fact that when the New Directions returned to Ohio, Finn had to hide out, and Santana made a Rachel Berry Voodoo Doll. But Rachel talked Finn out of hiding. And even though she told him straight up that she was leaving, he told her that they still had one more year. Then he kissed her.

Then Santana and Brittany had a final locker scene for the season. Basically Brittany told Santana that she loved everyone in Glee Club, and that they were like a family that accepted everyone for who they are. Then she told Santana that she loved her more than anyone else in the world, and for that anything was possible. Then they hugged and Santana told Brittany she was her best friend. Aww. (No bang.)

Then they had their final Glee Club meeting, which we didn't really see...

And that's what you missed... on the season finale of Glee!

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  1. Central Park reminded me of the scene in Enchanted when they were dancing and there were balloons. I doubt it looks like that all the time. Of course they have to fit that into the show because what would New York be without Times Square and Central Park? It’s so easy to find the time to watch Glee now that I have my DISH Network employee Sling adapter because I watch on my iPhone when I’m out and about. I record the show and watch it on my lunch the next day but with a family to take care of I don’t think I would ever have time at home.