Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finn & Quinn or Finn & Rachel? Which pair do you prefer?

We all have our favorite couples when it comes to Glee, whether it be Puckleberry (Puck/Rachel), Quick (Quinn/Puck), Tartie (Tina/Artie), Bartie (Brittany/Artie), Santittany or Brittana (Santana/Britney), Klaine (Kurt/Blaine), Mina or Tike (Mike/Tina), we've got our favorites.
*I'm not confident on all shipper names being spot on and took the liberty of doing the Mike and Tina combo.

Today while I was thinking about what to discuss, I was thinking of the triangle that is Rachel, Finn and Quinn and who I preferred Finn with. It was an easy choice for me: Finn and Rachel. While the fact that they took all of season one to get together finally, I don't ever remember getting bored with watching them figure out that they wanted to be together, which usually happens for me when I watch TV shows. When Finn and Rachel are together, I feel like they are both more likable. Finn is just nicer. This season, when he hasn't been with Rachel, I feel like he is really douche-like at times (Silly Love Songs…dollar a smooch). Or that he is nice to Rachel in private but weird to her when they are around people i.e. when she wanted to sing original songs at Regionals and Finn didn't support her in the choir room but told her in the hallway when they were alone that he thought it was a good idea and that his vote wouldn't have mattered. I think if there would've been more than one person that thought that, the idea might've been considered a bit more. Finn also breaks up with Rachel because kissed Puck while they were together, so cheated on him..but Quinn also cheated on him but he wants to get back with her now? Confusion.

So why do I not like Quinn and Finn? Well, besides the paragraph I just wrote about, she seemed to be nicer when she was single. Or maybe it was the fact that she was also pregnant and emotional but I loved Quinn when she was friends with Mercedes. In season two, she just seems to be mean and only cares about being Prom queen. Pregnant Quinn = Good; Not pregnant + Cheerio + Finn = Bad.

Now that you know my thoughts on the matter, here is a question to you all: 

Which do you prefer - Finchel or Finn/Quinn (not sure about their shipper name since they would equal Finn and Quinn). Leave your thoughts below!

Have an OUTSTANDING evening,


  1. definitely 100% finchel. i agree that they just were nicer people when they were together and this season quinn just bugs me. i believed that rachel and finn were 'true love' but quinn just wants to use finn for her own benefit. it's really upsetting for me to watch him fall into that again and i reaaallyyyy reaally hope him and rachel get back together again! :D
    p.s. i am a HUUUGEE klaine shipper & the last episode made my life!<3

  2. thanks for the input! We want to see them get back together too :). As far as Klaine? Well, we spell Klaine t.r.o.u.t.y.m.o.u.t.h. We love Klaine!

  3. Fin and Rachel ftw. they're better together, like you said. finn is horrible without rachel, and rachel's just annoying and whiny without finn. quinn was better when she had responsibility. im not saying she should get pregnant again, just that i thought she would have learned from that, or at least noticed that when she was nice to people she had friends.