Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New "Born This Way" Promo

Here it is everyone, the new Glee promo for the "Born This Way" episode. I love Glee and I love Gaga so I'm excited times a million. Take a look below:

Time to chat.

90 gleekin minutes!? YES PLEASE! Every week should have like 3 hours long episodes. Okay that's a bit much but I just cannot get enough of this show! Looks like Will is ready to get the Glee club into top shape for Nationals. From previous previews for this episode, us over here at Trouty Mouth were scared that Santana was missing throughout a lot of the episode which could still be the case but we did at least see her practicing with them in the auditorium (check at about 7 seconds in..over on the right) in this preview which made me have a much needed sigh of relief. However she still seems to be absent in the BTW t-shirt scene. Perhaps she will be doing a reprise at the end (cross your fingers and pray for this because we are!)?

Another glee mob at the mall? OUTSTANDING! I definitely remember the greatness that was "Safety Dance" at the mall and I'm excited to see another one. Not to mention Kurt looks and seems to be dancing something fierce!

Zizes running for Prom Queen? Yes, yes and yes! She would definitely be getting my votes. I would love to see Quinn get beat out because 1) typical choice, 2) Quinn isn't my favorite and 3) I want to see Quinn lose it when she loses the race. Simple as that.

And finally, Kurt Hummel is back at McKinley! Yaaaaay! There has been a lot of speculation as to why and who brings him back here. We are still holding out for Santana to bring him back to McKinley (I think we all witnessed the Kurtana moment in "A Night of Neglect"). However, in the preview you can see her, Quinn, Tina, Mike standing there when he announces that he comes back and some have suggested that because they are standing there and shocked that he is back that it can't be any of them that get him back.

Excited for the 90 minutes? Thoughts on why Santana's not visible in the BTW t-shirt performance? Who do you want to win Prom King and Queen?*** And do you think someone talks Kurt into finally coming back to McKinley - or what are your thoughts in general on his return? Post them below!

Have a gleeking awesome day!

***Yes, we are aware of the recently leaked information on the winners of Prom King and Queen, however let's a) act like we never saw those and pick who we want, b) act like they are reshooting those scenes.

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