Sunday, April 17, 2011

Santana Lopez Might Leave Glee?!?!

We all know that Wikia's aren't the most reliable sources, but it's the first place we all go to when looking for information. Naturally, the Trouty Mouth writers investigate the Glee Wikia on a daily basis. What were we stunned to discover today? Comments on Santana Lopez's Wikia page saying (brace yourself...)

Santana is quitting Glee Club to become the captain of the Cheerios!

(Sigh of disbelief)... At first when I heard this, I cried a little. Then I got really pissed off. And now I'm just in denial. I'm not saying I believe this, but the thought....This CANNOT happen. Not only will we be devastated if this is true, but I think that Glee fans may riot outside of Ryan Murphy's house.

Here's how I see it:
  1. Santana's character is too important to the story line. If she quits Glee, fans will rage. It wouldn't be in Ryan Murphy's best interest to write such a story. Fact: He's a genius. He wouldn't do something like that.
  2. Naya Rivera is an AMAZING singer. She's getting more and more solos because fans love her voice. Seriously, I could listen to it all day. So why would they take out one of the best singers in Glee club?
  3. Sue sucks. She calls Santana "Tweedle Fake-boobs" and quite frankly, Santana's not in any emotional state to have to deal with Sue's nonsense. So why would she choose to put up with it? Plus, Sue created the League of Doom to destroy Glee club. Santana's not in the League of Doom, and her absence would destroy Glee. It wouldn't make sense to write up a story for the League of Doom then, when it would be so simple to just take Santana out of the mix. Won't happen.
  4. The girl's got style. We're all so used to seeing her in street clothes now. If she goes back to that Cheerio's costume + tight ponytail, well, we'll be ticked off. It's been nice being able to get to know the characters through their style.

We did hear a couple of things about Santana over this hiatus, though. Here's what we know is going to happen: *(Spoiler Alert)*
  • She's going to have a love interest, and it will be a dude.
  • She is a full-blown lesbian, and will be dealing with her acceptance in the next coming episodes.
  • She is going to do something that may change the Glee club's dynamic
  • Speculation that she might go to prom with Karofsky

Is this happening? What do you think of all this? What crazy Santana rumors have you heard?

Only 2 more days until we finally get to see what's starting to develop! I can't wait anymore!

Have a Gleekabulous day!


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