Monday, April 11, 2011

Glee "A Night of Neglect" Song List

Glee has released their song list for "A Night of Neglect", and we definitely have mixed feelings about some of these songs! Let's see what they've got in store:
  • How by Lisa Loeb, Sung by Rachel
  • One Night In Bangkok by Murray Head, Sung by Sandy
  • All By Myself by Eric Carmen, Sung by Sunshine
  • Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin, Sung by Mercedes
  • Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson, Sung by Quinn
  • I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li, Sung by Tina
  • Turning Tables by Adele Sung by Holly Holiday and the New Directions
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Keane, Sung by Blaine, the Warblers, and the New Directions

Ok, where do I begin? How about with:

One Night in Bangkok: I'm excited for this. Fun song + Sandy = entertaining performance (hopefully). This could be interesting.

All By Myself: As much as I like Sunshine, and I think she has an excellent voice, I'd rather see this song come from Santana. Grant it, I'm not sure how it will fall in the story line, but I knowing where the story lies, I think this would be perfect for the Santana/Brittany situation. I'd rather see Sunshine sing something else.

Ain't No Way: Well, mostly because I love Mercedes, and think she has one pow'rful voice, I think she'll definitely do this song justice. I can't wait to see her bust out some Aretha!

Bubble Toes: I like this song, and I generally think Quinn sings well. The only thing I am not looking forward to for this performance, is that I'm kind of sick of seeing Quinn sing songs like this. I feel like this "guy and a guitar" music is her specialty, as seen when she and Sam sung "Lucky". I just want to see Quinn belt something sometime, though!

Turning Tables: Can I just say how excited I am that they are singing Adele? Can I just say how not excited I am to have Holly Holiday singing this. Don't get me wrong, I love Gwenyth on Glee, but the Glee cast has been asking for Adele since her new album came out, and I'd love to see one of those talented kids (namely Mercedes, Tina, or Santana) take the leads on this one.

Clearly, as you can see from my notes above, I'm wanting to know where the heck Santana is. Also, what about the dudes? I'm hoping they have a big episode for them in store.

What do you think about the song list and who's performing? Who did you want to see in this episode, and what songs were you hoping to hear? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, have a delicious day.


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