Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Night of Neglect Recap

Well, the wait is over gleeks. We finally made it through that way-too-long hiatus! Glee came back last night with “A Night of Neglect”. We want to break down our thoughts and opinions about it, and we want you to share what your thoughts were on the episode.
First of all, though I did like the episode, I think Whitney and I had higher expectations. So, let’s break it down. First, what we liked:

Obviously, we love Santana. Last night, however, our love for her spiked out of control when she put her “Queen Bitch” status to good use. First of all, Whitney called the Kurtana Relationship in an earlier post. And can we just say how excited we are for that. We want Santana to be the one that brings Kurt back to McKinley, so last night was definitely a step in the right direction. Plus, she stepped up to Karofsky with sass and class with an extra bit of hilarity-- the perfect Santana recipe. Couldn’t have been happier to see that scene!

Rachel and Mercedes

I personally really enjoyed this interaction. For the first time, Rachel was totally normal and made complete sense. It was nice to see her softer side, without it being overthrown by her desire to be in the spotlight. It was actually her acknowledgement that Mercedes was just as good of a singer as Rachel, and of her desire to be in the spotlight that was so endearing. In fact, when she says “I’m not saying it’s healthy and I’m not saying that it’s better than being loved…” is the point where I decided that I really like seeing this side of Rachel. She knows what she wants, and that’s why she is the way she is. But, she can acknowledge that it’s by choice. She gives up being loved, she gives up her mental health, she gives up everything, just for one shot in the spotlight. Plus, I don't like Mercedes acting all diva-ish. She's great, but part of what we love about her is that she has this phenomenal voice, and she's just so modest about it. Wise words, Rachel Berry. 

Charice’s Performance

I wasn’t stoked about Charice singing “All By Myself” but after seeing it last night, I’m so glad she did. She belted that tune to the point that Puckerman wept. Yep, that’s saying something. She has an amazing voice, and never did I doubt that, but she also performed this song perfectly!

Mike Chang’s Dancing and Mercedes’ Singing

Anything with Mike Chang is amazing. And that’s exactly what his dancing was last night: Amazing. And Mercedes. All I can say is WOW. There was a reason Rachel Berry didn’t follow that up. She was right—It couldn’t be topped, and you definitely closed down the show!

Brittany's Knowledge of Cat Diseases
Brittany is our resident "dumb girl", but we love her for it. It's endearing, and it's hilarious. So when she lead the Brainiacs to a victory, we loved it. How did she do it? She knew everything that a person could know about cat diseases. That's right. From "feline AIDS" to "kidney failure" and "conjunctivitis", she knew it all!

Ok, now let’s go over the things we didn’t like:

Gwyneth Paltrow Singing Adele
Ok, don’t hate me for saying this. I love Holly Holiday on Glee. But Adele is just not the type of song Gwyneth should be singing. I think Gwyneth is best at singing the “fun” songs, like Cee Lo. (Although she did do a bang-up job on “Landslide”.) Adele is a particular kind of artist. Not everyone can sing Adele, and no one can sing Adele like she can. So, if I were to choose a singer for this song, it would have been Mercedes or Santana. But, that’s probably why I don’t write the show. I understand the reason they had her sing it, and I thought the tone of the song was appropriate for the message she was trying to convey. But still… Holly needs to stick to the fun stuff, like sex and gold diggers.

Slushee Whiplash

We were heartbroken when we saw the promo video that featured Santana’s Slushee Whiplash. However, last night, it just wasn’t that big of a deal. Well guess what? It’s kind of a big deal to us. We expected a heartfelt conversation between Santana and Brittany, and Karofsky was going to ruin it and give Santana whiplash. It wasn’t that way… Little details, but still…

League of Doom

The League of Doom meeting was hilarious. But after that, I felt like it failed a little bit. There wasn’t as much hilarious destruction as I thought there would be. Hopefully, there’s more to come, though, since the Honey Badger has yet to attempt destruction.

To sum up the episode in just a few words, here are the key points, in case you missed it:
1) Mercedes wants more solos.
2) Will and Holly break up.
3) Carl filed for an annulment from Emma, and her OCD kicked into high gear.
4) Santana stood up to Karofsky while he was bullying Kurt and Blaine.
5) Sandy is terrible when it comes to the League of Doom.

Other than that, the episode was a good filler. We expected more, but it wasn’t bad at all. Hopefully it was a fantastic lead to bigger things to come :)

What’d you think of A Night of Neglect? Was it everything you hoped for? Share it with us!

Have an amazeballs day!


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