Friday, April 22, 2011

Santana + Bitchiness + Our excitement = Santenergy

So every day, Whitney and I chat about Glee through about 95% of our work day. Let me tell you about a little conversation Whitney and I had yesterday...

She texts me "Santana. Santana. Santana..." and there was more but that's irrelevant to this post.
I responded with a "Your Santana energy is at a high today." What came next was a stint of genius.

Whitney replied with a quick witted: "It's Santenergy. That just happened."

Well played, Whitney, well played. I think you need to copyright that word.

In the spirit of the newly coined "Santenergy", we've decided to post a video of Santana doing what she does best in the Born this Way episode: being a bitch. It's hilarious.

Enjoy, and have a gleektastic day!


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