Thursday, April 7, 2011

Santana And Karofsky Parallels- What about 'em?

As you could figure by the name of this blog, the writers of Trouty Mouth are big fans of Santana. However, neither one of us really like Dave Karofsky. After hearing some rumors that *Possible Spoiler Alert* Santana and Karofsky may be going to prom together, we were, to say the least furious!

After talking about it and discussing it a little more, we wondered to ourselves, "Why do we dislike Karofsky so much?" A few reasons come to mind:
  • He threatened to kill Kurt
  • He bullies everyone, particularly the Glee club
  • He slushies people in their faces (and it breaks our heart, especially in the Night of Neglect promos...)

But what are the reasons we love Santana? Aside from the fact that she's hilarious, and a phenomenal singer, we really love her because she portrays (for lack of a better word) a total and complete bitch. She bullies Rachel, she fights Quinn and Zizes, and she even threatens to kill people (namely when she says to Zizes "...affores I ends you").

So what's the difference between her and Karofsky? Maybe they're more alike than we thought. Santana contributes her bitchiness to the fact that she has all of these feelings that she can't express-- feelings for Brittany. Maybe Karofsky is the same way. Maybe he's such a jerk because he has all these feelings that he can't express-- feelings for Kurt.

Santana herself even says in the episode Sexy "I'm afraid of what people will think. I mean you saw what happened to Kurt at this school." Maybe for Dave Karofsky, he too was afraid of what people would think. So he turned his homosexuality into anger toward Kurt for being able to be himself, which is why he picked on him so much. Maybe he wanted to cover up the fact that he might even possibly be gay by putting on a "homophobic" front in front of everyone, and taking that out on Kurt.

Needless to say, there are parallels between the one we love (Santana), and the one we hate (Karofsky), but thinking about the fact that they are both struggling with the same thing, makes a potential prom couple less infuriating. With that said, it even makes us dislike Karofsky less than we did before.

(We still don't like what you did to Kurt, Karofsky!)

All I can say, is we totally agree with what Naya said at Paleyfest a couple weeks ago: Santana is so damn sad, and we really don't like it! Hopefully things will work out, and maybe we'll see the softer side of Karofsky, maybe Santana and Karofsky will help each other come to terms with their internal struggles. We can only hope!

Tell us what you think. Do you agree or disagree? How about them paired together for prom?

...And that's how Bonnie... sees it. Have an outstanding day!

- Bonnie


  1. Personally, I love Karofsky, but in a hate-y kind of way. I guess I sort of feel bad for him because he's sort of trapped himself inside himself by coming to terms with his sexuality. But he was pretty brutal to Kurt.

    I don't think Santana and Karofsky should be prom dates. I mean it sort of makes sense I guess, if they're both trying to cover up being gay/lesbian, but, just feels like it would be awkward to watch. Not to mention I'm sure the rest of glee club would be in sort of an uproar if Santana took Dave as her date. Of course, Santana probably wouldn't even give a damn, haha. Which is why we love her.

  2. Sorry, meant "by NOT coming to terms with his sexuality". And I just realized I used the phrase "sort of" like, eleventy times.