Monday, April 4, 2011

Thanks again, Twitter!

Oh man, I love Twitter. It really is my new favorite sport. So today, I saw three tweets from three Glee cast mates about a certain Mark Salling. What did they say:

Dianna Agron was the first to tweet:
alittlelamb: @Mark_Salling never seen such a guitar solo. It's....just....indescribable.

Lea Michele was quick to retweet:
msleamichele: @alittlelamb I know right?!?! :) "@Mark_Salling never seen such a guitar solo. It's....just....indescribable."

Ashley Fink followed suit just a little while later:
Ashley_Fink: @Mark_Salling you are killing me right now. Just. Wow.

So what is this about? We have our suspicions here at Trouty Mouth, but we don't know if they are true. We definitely know we'd like to see a musical solo from the musically talented Noah Puckerman... But we'll see! Thanks for making us anxious Twitter!

Let us know if you have any leads on the matter ;)

Chat soon - have an incred-glee-ble day.

- Bonnie

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