Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naya Rivera on Wendy Williams

As most of you know, Naya Rivera was on "The Wendy Williams" show today doin' a little chatting and a little slushie action. Below are a couple of links to youtube of the interview. They are really low quality but I couldn't find any better right now and I reeeeally wanted to post this. While I find Wendy Williams extremely annoying...it's  first interview without having the rest of the cast with her so it's kind of outstanding. And she looked super cute.

Part 1
Part 2

So, who are the super lucky girls that I'm super jealous of that get to get a slushie to the face via Wendy and Naya? A couple of girls named Gabby and Sara. Gabby recorded a sort of reaction/recall video of what happened and how she felt after meeting Naya that you can view here.

I'm just hoping that us over here at Trouty Mouth get to meet Naya + the rest of the cast some day..or in Chicago on June 4. Seriously...someone make this happen..

Have a glee filled evening!


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