Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grilled Cheesus

This past week, Fox aired the third episode of the second season, "Grilled Cheesus." I can say a couple of things about this: 1) I ate a grilled cheesus while I watched "Grilled Cheesus" and 2) so far, this episode of my least favorite one out of both seasons of Glee. Whoa, calm down..I still like this episode but it definitely isn't my favorite.

It all begins when Finn makes a grilled cheese sandwich that appears to have a burn mark that looks like that of Jesus. He then begins to pray to it, first by asking for his football team to be able to win a game, which happens. After that first prayer is answered, Finn suggests to the class honor Jesus through song. There is a lot of confusion among the club, Quinn and Mercedes want to because Quinn has had a rough year and has a lot to be thankful for (as Santana suggests, thankful that her baby wasn't a lizard baby), Rachel is confused, Puck says no because he doesn't like to use J-Money to cramp other people's style and Kurt says no because churches don't like homosexuals, women or science. Tragedy then hits when Burt Hummel has a heart attack. It shakes everyone up, even Brittany who gives Kurt a book report she did on heart attacks (written in crayon) to give to the doctors. With this, everyone is really wanting to pray for Kurt and help him but he is pretty quick to reject it all because he insists that he is an atheist. Switch over to one Sue Sylvester, who is also an atheist because when she was little, people made fun of her handicapable sister and she prayed for people to treat her equally and it never happened so boom, atheist. Because of this, Sue tells Kurt that she will help him get the Glee club to stop singing songs about Jesus and she certainly does. Then Kurt proceeds to tell a heartbreaking story about him and his dad at his mother's funeral accompanied by him singing an outstanding version of the Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" that is even more heartbreaking with flashbacks playing while we are listening to it. Pardon..I need a tissue.

Alright, while Kurt is rejecting the meaningful prayers of everyone, Finn's are continuing to come true. He prays to touch Rachel's' boobs and to become quarterback again. Done and done - both happen! However, after he gets the position of quarterback back (because Sam got injured, yikers), he tells Emma about it and says that because of his prayers this happened. She convinces him that it is very unlikely that God is communicating to Finn through a grilled cheese sandwich which then makes Finn have some doubts in this grilled cheesus faith. By the end of the episode, Burt is still in the hospital and Kurt is there talking to him and discussing how he should have accepted his friends' prayers and while he is talking, Burt starts to move his hand and the episode ends with the song "One of Us" and Finn eating the grilled cheesus.

I've grown to like this episode more and more after watching it several times. I don't know why I didn't like it that much at first, I think it was probably how stubborn I felt Kurt was being when it came to the situation. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Would love to hear them, so leave them below!

Random thought: another great part of this episode is the Santana hand clap featured when Puck is singing "Only The Good Die Young," so please keep your eyes peeled for this!


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