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Glee's Born This Way Likes and Dislikes

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As you know, the Born This Way episode of Glee premiered on Tuesday. Boy, was it good, too. Despite the fact that we thought this was one of the best episodes of Glee so far this season, we did have some "dislikes" if you will...

So, which do you want? The good news or the bad news? I guess we'll start with the good:

Kurt is Back at McKinley
Can we just say, we don't care how it had to happen, we're just so glad Kurt is back where he belongs. Not only were we excited to see Kurt back at McKinley, but he finally got a big solo, and he showed off his dance moves during Barbra Streisand! It was a great Kurt episode, and we even got one of the best Warblers performances out of it. This was by far one of the best songs we've heard them sing, and we loved all the emotion tied into it. All and all: A+

Lauren Zizes and Quinn
It may have been a "Quinnish" thing for Zizes to do-- going behind her back to dig up dirt on when she used to be fat. But Quinn has had her fair share of mean moments. Plus, it ended up working to Quinn's advantage. It's just nice to see that Quinn wasn't always the "captain of the cheerleading squad" type of person. Top it off at the end of their interaction they come away with a little spark of friendship. It was the first time we see Quinn be "real" and it's the first time we see Zizes "badassness" turn into her Born This Way "Bad Attitude". Overall: A

So, we don't really like Karofsky over here at Trouty Mouth... after made our boy Kurt leave WMH, and after he slushied our girl Santana... welp, he's just not alright in our books. But I did like the Santana interactions with Karofsky. I like how she called him out to his face about being gay... pretty hilarious, if you ask me. I also liked how they made the Bully Whips. What I didn't like was the whole thing about them dating now... even if it is just to be each other's gay beards. Karofsky is gross. It literally made Puck want to vomit. Not ok with that. But I was ok with Santana putting on the "Lebanese" t-shirt at the end, even though she's Hispanic. She pretty much stole the whole show with her hilarity and her storyline. Overall: A

Born This Way
The Born This Way performance was all I thought it would be and more. Tina finally getting to shine through on some vocals. Mike Chang was all front and center during the dance. The shirts were hilarious. Everyone sounded great and looked great. It was definitely a show closer. A+

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty Mashup
This was probably the best mashup Glee has done to this point. I mean I thought that Thriller/Heads Will Roll was going to be in the top spot forever. Yet, they pulled off another impeccable mashup and Lea and Diana both sounded amazing. TLC even approved of it. Well done Adam Anders, well done. A+

Somewhere Only We Know
Usually we're not huge fans of the Warblers, aka Blaine and the Pips... This performance was different, though. Maybe it was because it was an incredibly emotional performance, and it was nice to see the Warblers give Kurt a nice send-off. Maybe it was because Blaine sounds awesome when he's not doing every Top 40 song in the world that we hear each and every day... Whatever it was, it was perfect. Keep it up Warblers! A+

Say what? We just said we liked her five seconds ago! Yeah, you're right. This isn't really as much about Santana as it is about the conflicted writing of her character. What do we love about Santana? Well, for lack of a better word, she's a bitch... But not in a way like Quinn, where it's just kind of annoying, it's in like a Queen Bee kind of way... So, with that said, what was up with all the swooning over Brittany at the beginning of the episode. I mean, we know she loves her, but Santana doesn't swoon for anyone, especially if they're not "in" to her. It's great to see vulnerability in the characters every now and then, but this was out of Santana's character. Not a huge fan. C-

Lack of Sue and the League of Doom
We're still waiting to see what Honey Badger does, cuz Honey Badger don't give a $*@t! (If you don't know what that's in reference to, listen to Sue, and look it up on YouTube!) Anyways, after last week's semi-disappointing show with the League of Doom, we didn't see Sue once in this episode. Nor did we see any gleestruction coming from the League of Doom. Break my heart why don't ya! D

No real surprise here, but we thought Will was annoying again this week. First of all, way to speak up about how you "can't believe what [you're] hearing" right after Santana was finished talking about it. Also, please don't make Emma eat dirty fruit. Look, we want her to come to terms with her OCD just as much as you do, but that's no reason to shove dirty blueberries in her face... where's the old Mr. Schue that we loved so much? D-

Did Santana and Sam Break Up?!
So, we're fine with Santana having a different... unexpected... "love interest" but did she ever let Sam know? I mean, I know she wasn't very nice to him about the whole Trouty Mouth thing, but they never showed a break up. (PS-- we're really glad she sang Trouty Mouth to him...) I could definitely feel some tension at the end when they asked where Santana was and Sam said, "Probably off somewhere making out with Karofsky... well, he can have her." But I don't know if that constitutes as an official breakup...? D+

Karofsky is not in Born This Way
Whoa man, there were some mad rumors going around that Karofsky was supposed to be singing "Born This Way", and that he was supposed to be involved in the number somehow, yet, the only time we saw Karofsky was when he was wearing that flamboyant jacket as he pretended to be Santana's Lebanese Boyfriend... or something like that. So where was he? I'm not sure if I am disappointed because "Born This Way" turned out so great, but still... don't tease me, dude! C+

So, what do you think? How did you like the 18th episode of Glee? Personally, I thought Born This Way was one of the best this season, and maybe even in my top 5 for the series. Let us know what you think.

Only 5 more days until Rumours premiers. Oh, how I love this show...

Gleece out! (You know... peace out... not sure that one worked)


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