Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Born This Way" Shirts on Glee

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If you're wondering what the t-shirts say from Glee's much anticipated "Born This Way" Episode, we've got a running list for you!

As you can see from the picture above, we know the following:

Mike: "Can't Sing"
Tina: "Brown Eyes"

We also know from watching the rest of the video:

Quinn: "Lucy Caboosey"
Sam: "Trouty Mouth"
Kurt: "Likes Boys"
Brittany: "I'm With Stoopid" (With an arrow that points up to herself)

We can only make out part of Mercedes' shirt. It says "No _eave" We can't figure out what the first letter(s) is(are).

Where's Santana's shirt?! We need to figure this out! If you have any insight to what these shirts might say, leave a comment below!

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  1. I bet Mercedes' shirt says "No Weave" because of her hair.

    1. Mercedes: NO WEAVE
      Rachel: NOSE
      Santana: LEBANESE
      Quinn: LUCY CABOOSY
      Finn: CAN'T DANCE
      Mike: CAN'T SING
      Kurt: LIKES BOYS
      Tina: BROWN EYES
      Puck: I'M WITH STUPID (pointing at his penis)
      Brittany: I'M WITH STOOPID (pointing at her face)
      Artie: CAN'T WALK

  2. Finn's says "Can't dance"

  3. why can't we see Rachel, Santana or Sam? And where did Kurt come from?!

  4. Thanks for all the comments! You guys are awesome. You can see Sam in the promo below. His shirt says Trouty Mouth. If you're interested in the Kurt gossip, check out our spoilers section! And I'm not sure we're Rachel and Santana are.. we're wondering the same thing!

  5. Here's a list for all the shirts, which I found on
    Artie - "Four Eyes"
    Brittany - "I'm With Stoopid" (Upwards Arrow)
    Finn - "Can't Dance"
    Kurt - "Likes Boys"
    Lauren - "Ba......."
    Mercedes - "No Weave!"
    Mike - "Can't Sing"
    Puck - "I'm With Stupid" (Downwards Arrow)
    Quinn - "Lucy Caboosey" (Lucy Caboosey is a "nice" way of saying slut, or better, promiscuous girl)
    Sam - "Trouty Mouth"
    Tina - "Brown Eyes"

    Can't wait to see this episode!! :)

  6. I think (no real fact here, just gossip) this is the episode where Santana is going to come out to the Glee Club. I think hers will say "likes girls." :) can't wait!

  7. Didn't one of them say "Butt chin" ?

  8. Artie - Four Eyes
    Brittany - I'm With Stoopid (with an arrow pointing to her head)
    Finn - Can't Dance
    Kurt - Likes Boys
    Puck - I'm With Stupid (with an arrow pointing to his crotch)
    Sam - Trouty Mouth
    Tina - Brown Eyes
    Mike - Can't Sing
    Mercedes - No Weave!
    Lauren - I'm pretty sure her shirt said "Bad Attitude"
    Rachel - Nose
    and Quinn's said "Lucy Caboosey" because that's what people used to call her when she was younger (she was rather plump and had plastic surgery while changing her name to her middle name which is Quinn)
    Emma's shirt originally said "Ginger" but she changed it to "OCD" after having her first appointment with her therapist.
    Will's shirt said "Butt Chin"
    The first shirt Santana made said "Bitch" but Brittany made her a shirt which was SUPPOSED to say 'Lesbian' but ended up saying "Lebanese". :)

  9. Santana's is Lebanese...

  10. You can buy these shirts online at !

  11. Actually...Lucy Caboosey was Quinns nick name when she was overweight in her younger years.

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