Friday, April 8, 2011

Darren Criss Spinoff? Is it Blaine and the Pips?

At an Oxygen Upfront Presentation this week, Darren Criss said that he would be open to a spin off starring: him

Ok, let us just say, we like Blaine. Over at Trouty Mouth, we root for Blaine. We can't wait to see him fight Karofsky, as last week's awesome preview showed, and we're so glad the he and Kurt are finally together. But really? A spin off?

Was it not in Original Song that Kurt said that sometimes he felt like the Warblers were "Blaine and the Pips"? I know Whitney will disagree with me here, but I don't mind the Warblers (They're definitely no New Directions), but I do get tired of everyone singing behind Blaine all of the time. If he gets his own spin off, isn't that what it will be?

Call me crazy, but I probably won't be tuning into that. Part of the reason I love Glee so much is because every cast member has an incredible voice and brings something special to the group. Take away Santana? Yeah right. How about Rachel? No way! Fine. What about Puck, or even Sam? No and no. It can't be done. Each member is totally important. Take away one of the pips? We wouldn't know.

So, as interesting as I think that the Warblers are, I don't think it would make for good television, and I don't think Darren Criss would make for an interesting show. Grant it, I haven't seen a story line, so I could be wrong. I mean, you can't blame the guy for being open to it. He's a great singer, and he's got swagg on Glee.

That said, we do love Blaine on Glee, and we definitely don't want him going anywhere! We hope he sticks around until he graduates, and depending on what happens to the cast after graduation, we hope he sticks around even after that... If he does get his own spin off, though, let's just hope he proves Trouty Mouth wrong!

Disclaimer: None of this has been confirmed. It's just swirling around Glee land, which is generally full of rumors. So, pardon the preemptive speculation.

Have an awesome day, Gleeks!


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