Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A part of my daily routine, though I try to hold back, is to try and find glee spoilers. While trying to find these spoilers I came across something else that could be even more helpful or just get my hopes and then stomp my heart in the end. I'm talking about what could happen according to other gleeks. Now I've looked around so many different websites that I can't remember at all where I have read these things but I have thought about and read others' thoughts on how it's possible that Santana and Kurt could soon be developing a friendship from the hard times that he goes through with Karofsky and her new found love for the ladies. In an earlier post (here), that contains a large amount of spoilers, I discussed how in the Fox press release for the "Born This Way" episode says that Santana may somehow do something that can permanently change the glee club dynamic. Now, I love Santana and I'm a little ashamed to say that I assumed that it would be something bad but let's be honest, using the wordage of "could permanently alter the glee club dynamic" is scary and sounds like something bad. Maybe what she does to change up the dynamic is somehow get Kurt to come back to New Directions…huh? Huh? That would be awesome because I like me some Kurt and I love me some Santana and I think with the hard times Kurt has had with Karofsky, the possible hard times that he may have coming back to McKinley, plus not going to Dalton anymore (with Blaine) + Santana being confused about her sexuality, her love for Brittany that she's scared to have people know about, Bartie still being together = a great recipe for a fantastic friendship that no one would have suspected in the beginning. Not me anyways. And even if that doesn't happen..I would still love to see them interact in a nice way and bonding over their similarities. I'm..just…saying'…
They are also a couple of fierce divas that I need to join forces..c'mon Ry Murphy.

Would you like to see Santana and Kurt become friends? How about at least have a touching moment together? Talk about it below!


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