Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Countdown until BTW: Part 2

Yesterday I made a little post asking you guys a couple of questions and in one of my answers, I said that I was really excited for the "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mashup. This still stands true but I would like to address another spoilerish thing that has to do with this scene. So once again, if you are offended by spoilers, you should turn back now.

I've read via glee.wikia.com that there is supposed that "Rachel and Fin will have a "beautiful" moment together. But not "together". Everybody else will be there but it's "beautiful".

I'm really counting on this "beautiful" scene being in the classroom during this mash-up. I don't know why but this just feels like it would be right. Quinn's with Finn..Rachel loves Finn..Finn still loves Rachel…Rachel doesn't love the way she looks but Finn does…

I mean it just sounds right to me. What do you guys think will happen?

Only a short time before we are hit with this 90 minutes of awesomeness. Be patient Gleeks, it's almost here!

Enjoy the show tonight!

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