Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and Have Fun in New York!

Looks like the Glee kids are off to Nationals! According to Twitter, Jenna Ushkowitz left last night to head out to the Big City. She rode American Airlines, and even had her own massage chair. Uber jealous.

IJennaUsh: LAX---> NYC baby!
IJennaUsh: Massage option on my seat? Yes please. Alright American airlines I'm not mad. #showmewhatyagot
IJennaUsh: Hello NY. Happy Easter everyone!

Lea Michele also graced us with some NY tweets:

msleamichele: Woke up in LA and with the blink of an eye I'm walking down the streets of New York. All I hear is Jay Z!!!! Now you're in NEW YORK!!!!
msleamichele: Happy Easter! So grateful to be home with my family on this beautiful day:) XO

If the other Glee kids aren't there yet, we know they will be. Filming for Nationals starts this week :) Can't wait for the upcoming episodes. I think Glee is going to go out with a huge bang this year!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and hope you have an amazeballs day!


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