Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brainworm, Conjunctivitis, Kidney Failure!

Okay, 1) Thanks to whoever posted this video (I found it on Jenna Ushkowitz's twitter, nice!) 2) I still haven't had enough time to calm down from just seeing this new preview that aired after Glee tonight so I hope I can focus. It has some stuff that we have seen from other previews over the past few weeks (Santana getting a slushee straight to the face..still can barely handle that one) but thank goodness they are giving us some new material.

Okay let's get to the new stuff:

Our dearest Brittany..is she smart? I love the absolutely ridiculous things that she says but I have kind of been feeling like she might be smarter than we think after re-watching some of these season 2 episodes. I can't wait to see what that is about.

The League..of DOOM! Finally, I was still trying to figure out if it was the League or the Legion of Doom. I prefer Legion but obviously League will be amazing I'm sure. Sue, Sandy, Terri and the Vocal Adrenaline coach (Dustin Goolsby) in a posse together. While I often can't stand Sandy and Terri..amazing quotes come from them so that is a plus!

Born This Way. We knew it was coming and I'm totally fine with it. There are a few things that I am not fine regarding what I have read about that performance but here is not the place! They all appear to have shirts on with something on them describing something they were born with which I...loooooooove. I can't quite make much out on them but hopefully we will soon!

Blaine vs. Karovsky
Um..I hope so! Seeing Blaine shove him like that might just be my favorite part of this because Karovsky is an enemy of mine (yes, due in large part to the slushee Santana receives).

Dancing, kissing, screaming and just fun, fun, fun, fun. I cannot wait to see if there is another updated preview next week. Is there something in there that I missed that you noticed? Leave a comment if there is or just leave one anyway! :)


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  1. Brittany's: "I'm with Stoopid"
    Tina's: "Brown Eyes"
    Mike's: "Can't Sing"
    Kurt's: "Likes Boys"
    Sam's: "Trouty Mouth"
    Quinn's: "Lucy Caboose"

    Mine: "I love Mike Chang"