Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Born This Way - Gleecap!

So, in case you missed the epic Born This Way episode, because you've been hiding under a rock or have been locked up in prison (said in the voice used at the beginning of Glee):

1) Will wants the Glee club to come to terms with accepting something they were born with, since Rachel is considering a nose job after getting punched in the face by Finn. And then he asks Emma for help, but she decides to focus on the fact that she's a ginger instead of focusing on coming to terms with her OCD. She goes to see a therapist, and takes pills for it, and now she can accept it. 

2) Santana wants to be prom queen so that she can get Brittany to ditch Artie and fall in love with her. She thinks she can win prom queen by getting Kurt back to WMH -- How does she do it? Karofsky. She spotted Karofsky checking out Sam's butt, and her gaydar went ballistic. So she called him out for being gay. Then she came out to him, and they decided to be each other's gay beards. Plus, she talked him into starting an anti-bullying group called the Bully Whips in an attempt to get Kurt back, which she does successfully... but now she and Dave are like... dating, and Brittany thinks that's gross...

3) Quinn's real name is Lucy, and she used to be fat, but she went on a strict diet and got a nose job to look how she looks now. Since Lauren Zizes also decided to run for prom queen, she outed "Lucy Caboosey" to the whole school. Quinn thought her campaign was over, but all the other girls thought she was an inspiration. Finn did, too, and he kept Lucy Caboosey's picture in his wallet. 

4) Kurt decided to come back to McKinley after talking with Karofsky. He officially transfers and meets the Glee club out on the patio. Then the Warblers serenade him with a goodbye song, "Somewhere Only We Know", which was amazing. Blaine cried, and so did Kurt. The Warblers were sad to see him go, but the Glee club was happy to have him back.

5) The Glee club tries to convince Rachel that she doesn't need a nose job after she and Quinn went to get a consult and sang an awesome "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mashup. Finn even called her beautiful, and that didn't do the trick. So Puck coerces Rachel to the mall, where Kurt had everyone breakout into the Barbra Streisand mall dance. It was fun.

6) At the end, they all did a breakout number called Born This Way-- you may have heard about it. They all wore shirts that displayed something that they were born with that they couldn't change. Santana's originally said "Bitch", but Brittany made her one that said "Lebanese" even though Santana is Hispanic. Well, really Brittany thought it said "Lesbian". Anyways, Brittany wanted her to wear the shirt to stop hiding that she was a lesbian, and come dance with her on stage. Santana was upset that Brittany never told her she loved her back. But Brittany really does love Santana. But Santana didn't perform. Though she did wear the shirt...

And that's what you missed on Glee! :)

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Also- feel free to tell us what you thought about Glee's Born This Way episode!



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