Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rumours Preview!

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Sometimes, when I notice that the end of Glee is approaching, I get peeved and immediately start to curl up in a ball and cry and try to think of something that will make me happy again: next week's preview.

As seen from the preview and the title of the preview, this episode is a tribute to Fleetwood Mac, for the most part. Let's get down to business!

It appears as if Sue is up to something at the a class room..with students..talking about how when news gets out in the school, that it's out forever. I've got my hunches..what do you guys think she's up to?

"What blonde former cheerleader is having a motel rendezvous with another big lipped blondie?" Uh oh Finn, could Quinn be sneakin' off to meet up with 'ol Trouty Mouth? Scandy! Will Quinn cheat with Sam? I say no!'re so dumb and hilarious I love it and also know that deep down, you aren't that stupid!

Finnchel! Finnchel! Finnchel stakeout! I cannot wait for this interaction and probably the hilarity that I can imagine happening with the conversation that goes down between those two in the truck on the stakeout! And as for the stakeout of Kurt and Sam at the hotel, come on. I know you Klaine shippers aren't going to take this lying down! I'm quite confident in saying that Kurt isn't cheating on Blaine because he's like obsessed with him. It's a bromance, yo.

April Rhodes? Yes please! I wonder if she's stopped drinking yet…

And back to Sue..David Bowie.

Outstanding. And while do not like Terri, there are some hilarious things that come out of her mouth so I look forward to that! That is all.

What did you guys think/gather from next week's preview? Hit us up below!

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