Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BTW Countdowns Revisited

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Let me start by directing people who may not have read my other posts, to those posts so you know what I'm talking about.

Countdown until BTW: Part 1
Countdown until BTW: Part 2

Okay so now that you've read those little gems, I would like to discuss how I was right and wrong.

The "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mash-up was pretty awesome and was probably my favorite musical performance of the evening and is probably my favorite mash-up. Sorry, "Halo/Walkin' On Sunshine"…there's a new mash-up in town. How many more times can I say mash-up?

Alright, so I'm also very pleased to say that I was pretty spot on with the Santana/Karofsky business. She even told him that she was into girls which I didn't really think was going to happen so that was an awesome surprise. And just to make things better, she used the term beards, which is hilarious. I'm not a big Dave fan and I thought that maybe I would be if he is teaming up with Auntie Tanna but..nope, I'm not diggin' him still. Not as of yet anyways.

Okay back to the mash-up, I was pretty off on where this was to be performed. I said the classroom, which there was a bit of a classroom moment but it was also at the doctor's office and in the bathroom and/or their rooms looking in the mirror. I thought this was going to be the "beautiful" moment that Finn and Rachel had together wasn't, but I tried. Despite being wrong, this was still my favorite song from the night, even over Gaga *everyone gasps with surprise*!

I hope everyone enjoyed the episode and these little predictions!


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