Monday, April 25, 2011

Countdown until BTW: Part 1

That's right everyone…just a little less than 24 hours (for me anyways!) until the "Born This Way" episode airs and our minds are blown! I have been so excited about this since..well, last week and it's almost time! Due to this awesome event of a 90 minute episode that is supposed to be seriously packing a lot of gleeness, I thought I would ask our outstanding readers a couple questions to hold us over until tomorrow!

What song/performance are you most looking forward to?

What would you like to see happen on tomorrow's episode with your favorite characters?

I'm somewhat torn between the performance and song. I really like "Somewhere Only We Know" however I have already watched that online so I'm going to go with "I Feel Pretty/Unpretty" mashup. I listen to this song all day at work and am just dying to watch it and see how it all pans out.

As for my favorite character and what I need to happen, that one is obviously going to go to Santana. The following statement could be considered a spoiler due to the fact that I have read various spoilers to come up with this little bit of business that I want to happen. Turn back now if you hates you some spoilers!
I've read that there is something to do with blackmail in this episode, someone gets caught checking out Sam's butt and there is an anti-bullying group involving Karofsky (and Santana). Alright people, here is what I want to go down: Santana will see Dave checking out Sam's butt and be like umm…odd, finds out that he's into guys, blackmails him with his secret and tells him to start this anti-bullying group. Could it happen? I think so!

Well Gleeks, leave a response to my questions, we'd love to know what you guys are thinking out there!

Keep it real,

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