Monday, April 18, 2011

The Future of Dave Karofsky

As some of you readers probably know, I am not a huge fan of Dave Karofsky. With the upcoming slushy that he delivers straight to Santana's mug (tomorrow night!) and the death threat to Kurt, how can you expect me to like him? However, I found this article on the actor who plays ol' Dave (Max Adler) and surprisingly enough, I read it and enjoyed it.

Here is the article (SPOILERS)

Okay, so now that you've read and enjoyed that, there are a few things that I just want to throw out there and possibly chat about. And again, there will be some spoilers in this part below so turn back now if you aren't interested in that:

So, Karofsky singing in "Born This Way." Something we've all heard and read about already and I'm fine with him singing in it, as long as he doesn't get to sing, like all of it. Which I'm fairly confident that he doesn't. While his storyline is important and I am anxious to see how it plays out, I don't want him to take over songs, parts and time from other characters that are actually signed as full time cast.

Which then leads into the fact that he could possibly be going out with quite an impact, which would allow him to have more screen time, especially if he's never going to return. Yes, I'm referring to the suggestion that Dave could possibly be committing suicide in upcoming episodes. Just because I hate the guy, doesn't mean I want to go this route! I would love for him to come out and be able to be happy and accept the fact that he's gay and then just live a happy, gay life. As the article says, Ryan Murphy and his Nip/Tuck shorelines and things that happened on that show..were crazy at times. Straight up this is a huge possibility. And there is rumor of a death coming up in the 21st episode of this season.

While discussing this with Bonnie today, we discussed that possibly having him attempt suicide but not succeeding would still be very dramatic and have an impact but wouldn't be as morbid as him dying. I think that or not having him commit suicide at all would be the best route to take. I love drama and emotional stuff and am all for the shock but I do not see Glee as the show that should go THAT heavy. Some will agree, some will not…let us know your thoughts below please!

Well, everyone get a good nights rest and gear up because the hiatus is finally over tomorrow night and we can all watch "A Night of Neglect" and be happy again! Maybe that's just me..

Have a gleeful evening,


  1. i am so excited about tonight's new episode!! i can't wait! :D
    about karofsky commiting suicide, i really hope he doesn't. although things like that actually do happen to people who struggle with their sexuality, i do agree with you that it would be too heavy a road for glee to take. after all, the name of the show is glee; "opening yourself up to joy". so why can't karofsky get a chance to open himself up to joy? although his attitude frustrates me, i still believe he deserves a chance and it would be awful if he committed suicide. if ryan murphy wants to add more drama, then maybe Karofsky attempting suicide would be a better route to take.
    once again, I'M SO HYPED FOR TONIGHT! :D :D

  2. We agree completely! It will definitely be interesting to see the storyline Karofsky takes! Thanks for the input, and we can't wait for tonight either-- it's finally here!!!!

  3. I think it would make for a really good episode if Karofsky considers or attempts suicide, but doesn't succeed and is kind of "saved" by the glee club. Or, at least, finds peace there. And then maybe they'd slowly make him less of a douche.

    I really hope he doesn't commit successful suicide though. The episode with Kurt getting his life threatened felt dark enough...